On time, on budget, exceptional results!

• FAA and VA approved programs
• Part 141 and Part 61 add-on courses
• Train 35% faster than other flight schools
• Commercial airline career placement
• Housing options available
• Up to 245 logged hours

Career Pilot Program

Whether you want to fly for the airlines, charter, EMS, or cargo, Blue Line’s accelerated courses are designed to take you from zero hours to starting your new career in as little as 5 1/2 months.

Zero to Hero – 1@2x Zero to Hero-1@2x

Flight instructor opportunities are available after completing the Career Pilot Program. We also hold resume and interview workshops to help prepare our pilots for the next part of their journey.

  • Group 466 AIRLINE PILOT
  • 169010-200 CARGO PILOT
  • ems EMS PILOT
Alexander Place

Career Pilot Financing

Blue Line has partnered with two lenders — Climb Credit and Meritize — to provide students with financing options. Follow the link below for more information on each financing option! *Only available to students in the Career Pilot Program.

International Student?

Blue Line Aviation is authorized to conduct flight training under the Alien Flight Student Program. The approval process is surprisingly simple, and approval can take as little as two weeks!

Check out the fleet…

Diamond DA42-VI

The Diamond DA42-VI features FADEC controlled Austro Turbo Diesel engines,G1000 NXi avionics, GFC 700 autopilot, synthetic vision, air conditioning, and more! It is simply a beautiful, comfortable flying experience!

Diamond DA40 NG

The Diamond DA40 NG seats four people while cruising over 140 KTAS! Designed with safety in mind, this Technologically Advanced Aircraft features composite construction, a passenger airbag system, G1000 NXi avionics with integrated autopilot and synthetic vision, and air conditioning.

Cessna 172

Back by popular demand, we've added brand new gas powered Cessna 172s to the Blue Line fleet. Our Skyhawks are  equipped with all glass Garmin G1000 cockpits and Angle of Attack Indicators to provide you peace of mind during every flight.

Cessna 172 JT-A

Made in America, the Cessna 172 JT-A is the best selling training aircraft ever, and has recently been reimagined an updated to Blue Line standards. Our Skyhawk is equipped with a FADEC controlled Turbo Diesel Engine, G1000 NXi avionics, synthetic vision technology, GFC 700 autopilot, and many other features.

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