Becoming a commercial pilot opens a number of doors for a private pilot and allows you to start making money flying. Blue Line boasts an outstanding pass rate for commercial practical tests and is the first local flight school to offer an accelerated commercial pilot course.

  • 169010-200 CARGO PILOT
  • Group 466 AIRLINE PILOT
  • Group 1317 INSTRUCTOR

Part 141 Commercial Training

Blue Line offers accelerated checkride prep commercial courses as well as full courses for lower-time pilots. Our Part 141-approved course will allow a private pilot to become a commercial pilot with as little as 120 hrs!

Accelerated Commercial (Airplane) Course Includes:
  • All required ground and flight instruction
  • Up to 5 hours of Redbird FMX time
  • Up to 10 hours of dual instruction in Technically Advanced Aircraft
  • Use of aircraft for the checkride (up to 2 hours)
    • Must be able to fly to private pilot standards.
    • Have a current medical certificate (3rd class or better)

Package Price: $29,995

Commercial 141 Commercial -1

Part 61 Commercial Training

The commercial pilot checkride prep course is taught either full-time for 5 days or part-time for 10-14 days. This course is designed for pilots who have met the prerequisites for a commercial license other than the 10 hours of flight time in a technologically advanced aircraft.

Commercial 61 – 1@2x Commercial 61@2x
Enrolled in accelerated CFI initial program. Showed up with writtens and all of the pre-work done, and left with my certificate 12 days later. First time pass. Excellent program that gets you results in short time frame.
- Alan B.
Excellent school. I chose Blue Line based on other reviews as well as location. As someone training for an airline, I appreciated flying out of RDU as I got an opportunity to work with ATC a little more. The instructors were all top-notch and very knowledgeable. The facilities were all great and the aircraft were well taken care of. The corporate apartment I used was very nice, large and clean. I would definitely recommend Blue Line without hesitation.
- Danial M.
Blue Line Aviation met and exceeded my expectations. They have completely changed my viewpoint on how flight training is supposed to be after a few bad experiences with other schools. Being from California I made the decision to go across the country to finish my CFI training with Blue Line after talking to friends who went over there as well (Now instructors at Blue Line).
- Steve U.
The team and the flight school is very professional and cares about your success in the training. Best CFI program. The flight was about to deliver what it promised.
- Thomas T.
They take accelerated course as a challenge and do their part to fulfill your goals. Top notch training from professionals who care about your success.
- Kimberly M.

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